When the village shop near Shore Street closed in 2009, we decided to convert our garage into a shop to provide a service to both the local community and visitors to the Peninsula.  Since then, we have increased the floor space, greatly extended the range of groceries, fruit and vegetables and now have a licence for wines and spirits.  Our aim is to provide as good a range of products and services as we can.  This has been acknowledged by The Countryside Alliance when they awarded us the Village Shop-Post Office accolade in 2012.  The Countryside Alliance said:

"The winners of the Village Shop-Post Office category showed a great desire to breathe life back into a community that had all but given up on itself.

Award ceremony

Seonag (pronounced Shonach), Alastair and young James with Charles Kennedy, MP,
at the Award Ceremony

The owners have shown a commitment to the community and are doing so much more than simply serving newspapers and food or handling post. Prescriptions, cooking fuel and sometimes even children are delivered to all manner of people in all manner of places… However, the defining difference was the sheer nature of the efforts involved in operating a business under such challenging conditions.

Prior to the shop opening, locals were forced to travel forty minutes through the Bealach na ba, nearly 675 meters up and over Scottish mountains or face an hour's journey around a rugged and windswept coastal road just to get the basic amenities. In the conversion of their garage and an attitude of never being closed or turning anyone away from the door Alastair and Seonag Brown have gone a long way to reinvigorate this isolated community's spirits."

We will endeavour to continue providing the service which The Countryside Alliance so much appreciated and admired.

Alastair and Seonag

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